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With over 20 years of experience, we offer expert services in a wide range of concentrations in film, television and digital media, including the following: 

  • Finance Agreements and Strategy for Film, TV and Digital Projects

  • Structured Finance (senior debt, mezz/gap, soft money, equity & pre-sales)

  • Raising Capital

  • Strategic Planning/Alliances

  • Generating Revenue/Increasing Profits

  • New Business Development/Integration

  • Managing P&Ls/Operations

  • Domestic & International Co-Productions

  • General Corporate Services

  • Analyze Investment Structures & Production Budgets

  • Advisory Services To US & Foreign Producers For Creation Of Business/Financial Structures

  • Executive Employment Agreements and Compensation Packages

  • Underlying Rights Agreements

  • Writing/Directing Agreements

  • Producing Agreements

  • Talent Agreements

  • Voiceover Agreements

  • Collaboration Agreements for Film, TV Digital, and Publishing Projects

  • Attachment/Shopping Agreements

  • TV/Digital Pilot & Series Agreements

  • Book-to-Film/TV/Digital Deals

  • Podcast Deals and Agreements

  • Chain-of-Title Review

  • Intellectual Property Matters 

  • Production/Co-Production Agreements

  • Advice and Counsel on Content Developed for Digital Platforms and Virtual Reality Productions  

  • Comprehensive Business Affairs/Legal Services

  • Production Counsel Services


  • Liaising with Domestic Distributor and Foreign Sales Agents or Other Buyers

  • Domestic Distribution Agreements/Licenses

  • Foreign Distribution Agreements/Licenses

  • Digital Distribution Agreements/Licenses

  • TV Distribution Agreements/Licenses

  • Domestic/Foreign Sales Agency Agreements

  • Collection Account Management Agreements

  • Tracking of Accounting Statements

  • Content Licensing Agreements

  • Output Agreements

  • VOD/Home Entertainment Agreements

  • Split Rights Deals

  • First Look Deals

  • Traditional and Emerging Exploitation Strategies

  • Festival & Distribution Strategies

  • Secondary Cycle Sales

  • Film Library Acquisition Agreements

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